Visual Journalism


investigations and visual narratives

I led the visual presentation teams for numerous newsroom-wide investigations, including the drug industry's efforts to weaken the DEAFired/Rehired, and our project on confederate monuments


Using databases to tell a story 

I edited this database of Trump's false claims, an ongoing collaboration between graphics and the Fact Checker team at the Post. Other data-driven applications include a presidential appointee tracker, Trump promises tracker, congressional NRA donations, and our Pulitzer-winning police shootings database. One of my first news app designs was a Minneapolis crime dashboard.


data visualization 

Recent projects include this look at public transit parity in the DC area and an exploration of escape times around the country. In 2016, I edited our work on rising death rates among women


Pop culture + Entertainment

I have edited a number of visual projects in the pop culture space, including Shelly Tan's delightful illustrated essay on Stranger Things. Other projects include a look at unrealistic New York City apartments in TV shows and a charming review of what makes Meryl Streep so Meryl