Midsummer updates

The last few months have been busy ones.

  • We launched the new INN brand and the redesigned inn.org.
  • I published the first in a series of interviews for Source about remote work.
  • SRCCON happened — in Minneapolis! I learned a lot and went to bed at a reasonable time every night.
  • I’m helping a lovely client edit her book. My role at INN is heavy on visual design, so it’s good to have an outlet for all the word stuff. (Hire me for turns of phrase like “word stuff.”)
  • To the complete shock of everyone I went to school with, I competed in an Olympic weightlifting meet. And then I went and joined an oly lifting team. I have a post rattling around in my head about embodiment and strength and daring to take up space as a woman.

My plan to minimize travel in 2015 has turned out exceeding well. The only flight on the horizon is to visit my (almost) three-year-old niece. I have big plans to do a lot of porch sitting and julep drinking in August.